Painting. Oil works.

I am very glad that you opened this page, and I hasten to share with you their colorful sensations.

I draw everything, trying to see what others do not see, damn hard! But, as the kids say, looking at the light poles, "And you screw up eyes and see the thin rays of light that shine directly in your eyes, and that no one except you cannot see themselves !!!"

The world is full of colors, it blooms and smells. And so I want to remember this feeling, remembering them for yourself and always keep under your pillow or hang it next to the bed.

Anything painted on Canvas is a highly focused and specialized firm which is known by its quality work delivered to a large fleet of clients. While working on my own concept, I also create custom oil paintings from people’s photos or ideas.

I do set up a graphic layout first for changing backgrounds, combining or editing current photos photo. Once the layout and design created by me is approved by my client, then I will handle all of client’s originals for truly hand oil painting from scratch. I understand that today is a time when sophistication and creativity has flooded people and has captured their mind. Innovative designs, and new idea works do encourage maximum number of people working or having a business to indulge in some or the other activity by which they can also have a taste of the new inception. In the earlier times, paintings were created with long drawn out live subject poses, it use to take them days, months or even years to complete the portrait depending on the size and need of the canvas.

Advancement in technology has played a key role in changing the techniques and introducing some very efficient resources which could be made use of much easier. With the dawn and advancement of the Internet, an artist can now make use of the photo in the privacy of their own studio for their creation work. Images by themselves can never be compared to a hand painted oil painting from scratch. A professional oil painting portrait from photo artist employs their creative hand to bring that same beautiful work of art to life using only the “Old School Methods” that we have all learned to love. Hand painted from scratch. An unforgeable timepiece where all who see, will marvel over.

Today, time is money and I understand that for my clients. I take immense pride in delivering the most exquisite of oil paintings to my clients. The custom oil painting portrait from photo that i create comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and all of the paintings are created by me as a professional portrait artist. Some of the most popular people portrait oil painting from photo includes family portraits, wedding portraits and children portraits. Some of my popular area include flowers, mountains, and rivers, and people, sights and sounds and smells then even the fact that there is not visible pet portraits include dog portraits and cat portraits. The custom oil paintings can also serve as a perfect and unique wedding anniversary gifts for clients.

I do the paint myself, and this means that the picture should appeal to me in the first place. It is very difficult to convey what you see on the canvas, perceiving the world through the eyes of strangers. My paintings - this is my view of life around me and also on request. This and flowers, mountains, and rivers, and people, sights and sounds and smells and even the fact that there is not visible.

All that is shown to them - this is what I once saw and memorized inside.

I very much hope that my paintings, as well as my understanding of the surrounding world like my audience.

Paintings to order

If you have an idea you want to realize on canvas - write, write, write and write to me again on the picture to order , we will think of something and I realize your dreams on canvas.

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